FBI seizes John Lennon fingerprint card from auction house Music "John Lennon's application for permanent US residence was seized by the FBI this week, in a 'raid' on a New York auction house. The 1976 immigration document, which included Lennon's signature and fingerprints, was expected to sell for at least $100,000 (£62,621), according to the dealer.
'I don't know why it was so important that they had to have it back,' Pete Siegel told Entertainment Weekly. Just a week ago, Siegel added a photograph of thecardboard form to the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction catalogue. Within days, the FBI called and asked if they could 'inspect the card'. 'We said, 'Sure, come in,'' Siegel said. Officials from both the FBI and the US department of homeland security appeared at the Manhattan gallery, citing a mysterious 'ongoing investigation'. Wednesday morning, they reappeared with a subpoena and seized the card."

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