QUEENSLAND woman who was conned into parting with more than $40,000 in an online scam will be reimbursed.Police say the Gold Coast woman, 56, was tricked into financially assisting a 25-year-old Nigerian university student who posed as a middle-aged British widower over the internet.The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), the body set up to investigate a growing number of scams coming out of Nigeria, has recovered some of the money, police say.The Queensland Police Service will present her with a cheque on behalf of the EFCC this afternoon. An amount has not been released yet.The student was sentenced to 19 years in jail after being found guilty by a Nigerian court in March last year."The student lured her into a friendship before conning her into sending money for medical and travel costs," police say.She reported the incident to police in 2007 after becoming suspicious but not before transferring more than $40,000.

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